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Character bears

Every teddy bear is a character really but these bears are based on characters from stories or life. For me one of the many joys of sharing my son's childhood has been costume making and some bears have evolved from spare materials left over from varies costumes. Others, like the jesters, are my version of well loved figures that are recreated again and again and never lose their appeal.
Hatter bear
Once a year comes World Book Day when I need to create a book character costume for my son. Last year was the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. The Hatter Bear was created using left over materials from this, and it is almost a mini version of how he went to school that day!
Light Jester bear
This little bear is an interpretation of that timeless character, the jester. The inspiration for the jester bears was the bells. Every time I buy a new cat collar I immediately remove the bell because if left on the noise drives me crazy! They get put in my craft box to use on other projects and I have put a few of them on each of my jester bears.
White Rabbit bear
I was all set to do a white rabbit costume for World book day this year when the school showed an astonishing lack of imagination and insisted everyone went as Wally from where's wally. So, I never got to create the white rabbit costume but I consoled myself with the white rabbit bear instead!

Dark Jester bear
This little bear is another interpretation of that timeless character, the jester. He is made from felt and fake fur, and has bells on his ears, toes and around his neck.

The snow came late this year but it was worth the wait, and we made the most of it. While my husband and son built a snowman in the garden, I designed this little snow bear. Made from Snow Ice Cream designed by Dianna Marcum for Marcus Bros. and white fake fur, he even has a carrot nose and a knitted red scarf!

Willie Wonka bear
Last terms topic at my son's school was Chocolate, and yes, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the book of choice. The two of us went off to the Roald Dahl museum during half term and I came home unable to resist making a Willie Wonka bear based on Quentin Blakes fantastic illustrations for Roald Dahl's brilliant book,

The Jolly Pirate Bear
This summer seemed to involve a lot of pirate roleplay inspiring my jolly pirate bear.  He is made from a mix of materials, felt boots, and a mad long haired plush that gives him his scraggy look suggesting he's been at sea for rather a long time.   He has a patch over his left eye, as all good pirates should!
Wally Bear last year I made a where's wally costume for my son for world book day under protest as I wanted to make a white rabbit costume. I made a white rabbit bear instead. this year I made a white rabbit costume and a Wally bear!

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