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I love to design characters and enhance bears with embroidery and motifs but sometimes the pattern on the material itself is enough; it doesn't need anything else other than complimentary buttons and ribbon. I rarely buy material specifically for a bear but I do have a large stash of material left over from other projects, or vintage materials handed on to me, and these often inspire me to design a bear. So my material bears can be made from left overs, recycled material, vintage material, and even patchwork when I don't have enough of one to quite make a bear.

This bear is made from a small amount of left over "Bird Trail" fabric by Clarke & Clarke and lime green felt.

This bear is made from recycled material and new brocade.

I adore Amy Butlers designs and Im convinced anything you make from it looks good, bears included!

This material started out as curtains in the 1970s. I have memories of my parents lounge with the Christmas tree in the window framed by these curtains. When my mother was having a clear out she passed the curtains on to me. The result was this colourful little bear. All he needs is a tinselly Christmas tree with the coloured lights!

  Yep, more Amy Butler, "Daisy Chain" this time.

This flowery corduroy was purchased to make a pinafore for a friends daughter and I had plenty left over for a bear. It was the striking pink that caught my eye. I havent added anything to the material as I think it is pretty enough on its own.

I found this fabric in a bag of scrap material at a show and I haven't been able to identify it yet, but I think the colours and the textures are fabulous. Let me know if you recognise it, I would love to acknowledge the source.

I have had lots of fun making costumes for my son at Halloween. Nowadays he likes to be scary but in the early years I refused to do scary and sought out harvest inspired materials. The smaller pieces that were left over, mixed with a few other scraps, are here in this little autumn patchwork bear.

Another wonderful fabric from Amy Butler, "Love" for Rowan fabrics.

I made a dress for a ragdoll by laying lace over taffeta and I liked the result so much I decided to incorporate it in a bear. It was fiddly but worth it I think for the effect.
Busy Bear
this bear is made from a bright and busy fabric with accessories to match!
Amy b4
More Amy Butler!  This bear is a little thinner than the previous designs, but still as handsome!

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