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25th March 2015
here is a new bear available to buy today in my folksy shop and hopefully another two to follow very soon!

08th December 2014
There are two new bears available to buy today in my etsy shop,

07th December 2014
I have an advert in 91 magazine again this month so do have a read at 91 magazine

11th June 2014
I have an advert for buttel bears in 91 magazine this month. 91 magazine is An online magazine for vintage style, interiors and crafts. you can take a look by clicking 91 magazine

3rd April 2014
Two more embroidered bears are finally finished! If you look back to the post of 22nd October you will see the beginnings of these bears. Others have emerged during that time but these two have taken a while. Finally though the art deco bear is in my folksy shop, and the red, gold and green bear is in my etsy shop today. you will also find these under "embroidered bears".

1st April 2014
I have added two Easter bears to the collection today, one is in my folksy shop and the other in etsy shop.  You can view both under "embroidered bears".

7th March 2014
I opened my etsy shop today!

6th March 2014
It's World Book Day and I have added the Wally Bear to my folksy shop to celebrate:

20th January 2014
I have added International postage costs to my folksy shop today so if you are on the other side of the world you can still buy a buttel bear!!

7th January 2014
Happy New Year to all customers and visitors! The jolly pirate bear is now available to buy in my folksy shop. I'm looking forward to sharing more designs with you all throughout 2014 so please keep dropping by.

19th december 2013
My bear boxes are now classed as small parcels by Royal Mail again so I have reduced P&P on my folksy shop today.

12th December 2013
I must admit I've been caught up in Christmas presents lately and my bears have been a bit neglected but I did finally put the purple star bear on folksy yesterday. I'm hoping to add the jolly pirate early next week.

21st November 2013
Popped the snow bear on folksy today, I hope he finds a good home soon! I have now finished the star bear and my jolly pirate so once I have snapped their photos they should follow in the next couple of days.

22nd October2013
I have four bears on the go at the moment at various stages in the making. A pirate who needs a nose and some paws, a star bear that needs jointed and two colourwork bears that I'm cutting. This was my sewing machine and my kitchen table yesterday:

I get times like this a lot, when it feels like I'll never get anything finished ever again and I am just surrounded by limbs and material. I have to just plod through one at a time and trust they will eventually begin to look like bears! So all I can say is new bears coming soon . . . hopefully!

9th September 2013
First full week back at school, it's raining and the summer holidays feel like a distant memory already. My mind has turned to autumn. Autumn is undoubtedly my favourite time of year. I like the air cooler and the sun lower and redder. Harvest, hallowe'en, bonfires and woodland walks all to look forward to. Autumn makes me want to patch fabric together, maybe because the varying colours of the trees are natures big patchwork at this time of year. The summer has also filled my head with ideas so watch this space for bears in the making.

19th July 2013
Schools out for summer! And I couldn't be happier. As much as I love to be making, there's nothing better than spending time with my son. It does mean production levels will be fairly low here but I know the summer holidays will provide lots of inspiration for a new group of bears in the autumn. I'll keep you posted on pinterest. Happy summer everyone!

9th July 2013
The Buttel Bears website goes live today! It's a work in progress but it's still great to get my own website up and running.

3rd July 2013
Got going on pinterest by pinning a few photos of my bears. I am hoping to also use pinterest create boards of things that inspire me, ideas for new bears and photos of bears in the making.

2nd july 2013
Nine bears now on folksy. Feels more like a shop now!

14th June 2013
Buttel bears joins Facebook. There's a whole world new out there! Pop by and give me the thumbs up on my facebook page if you see anything you like. I appreciate this feedback very much.

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